Most common drawbacks of using camera flash for indoors portraits

By: On: 2016-08-24

Photographers in Australia and also around the world have to maintain the quality of the image without getting affected by the time and the atmosphere as well as the surroundings of the object or the person that is being photographed. Today the use of the latest cameras like canon digital SLR and also canon powershot has opened new horizons for beginners as well as professional photographers to capture the natural beauty as well as experiment with their creative angles to get amazing results.

In addition to the Cannon masterpieces you may also know the advent of the Nikon series in which Nikon D5200 and Nikon D7200 have proven to be a great fit for amazing shots and best results. Not limited to these there are many other high quality cameras that have made the art of photography more beautiful and interesting than it was before. Now you can experiment with all your creative ideas live, while capturing the landscapes, portraits an sceneries around you.

But still blunders to occur and when these blunders take place it may ruin the picture as a whole. One of the most common issue that has been affecting broadly is the wrong usage of camera flash. Though the latest cameras have a lot of techniques to counter it, but still it affects a lot of pictures and may cause trouble for beginners.

Here are a few common issues you might face, if you turn on flash cameras indoor:

Blurred picture

Most people think that indoors need camera flash to give you the right picture as there is limited light around you. But it may give you a really disappointing result when you are imaging an indoor portrait. It may give you a blurry effect if if you are standing still. Most of the digital cameras like Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon EOS 760D have an automatic setting to give you better results even if you don\'t turn the flash on.

Overexposed image

Also, you may get an overexposed image as you will be keeping the camera closer to the portrait object or person. You can choose not to turn the flash on, rather choose a wider aperture and higher ISO to give you sharp quality portrait. It can easily be done using cameras like Nikon D750 or Nikon D810 or other cameras from the same generation.

Unnatural look

It may also give you an unnatural look in the image. You can use cameras like with the Canon EOS 750D camera you can control the light coming in and increase its effects rather than using flash.


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